To:       Qualified Consulting Firms

From:  Village of Aberdeen, Brown County, Ohio

Re:       Consulting Services for a Water Treatment Plant Replacement Project

Date:  November 24, 2010

The Village of Aberdeen is seeking a qualified firm to provide professional consulting services for the design and construction of a new Water Treatment Plant project (PROJECT).  Firms responding will have the opportunity, if selected, to receive a design and construction commission for the PROJECT.  The Village has decided to proceed and will negotiate the final scope and fee structure with the consultant deemed best qualified by the VILLAGE in accordance with the evaluation factors, to perform the services outlined in this RFQ.


The proposed project consists of the design and construction of a new water treatment plant to serve the Village of Aberdeen.  It is anticipated that the VILLAGE will use a combination of funding sources to complete this project including but not limited to:  USDA, OPWC, OEPA and CDBG.


The VILLAGE is accepting Statements of Qualifications from consulting firms to determine their interest and capabilities in performing the prescribed work.  The Statement of Qualification shall be a document of no more than ten (10) double sided pages or twenty (20) single sided pages between covers.  Any Statement of Qualification with excess pages will not be considered.  It is the intention of the VILLAGE to review statements submitted based on established evaluation criteria.  Short-listed firms will be interviewed before the final selection is made.

Emphasis should be placed upon providing information concerning your level of staff availability, your experience with other projects and your approach to completing the proposed project.  Estimates of total agreement costs should not be submitted as part of your firm’s Statement of Qualifications.

The Statement of Qualification should include the following information:

  • Public meetings will be required on the PROJECT.  Describe your experience with public meetings.
  • A brief discussion of your understanding of the PROJECT and a scope of work outlining key issues and your approach to the PROJECT.
  • A brief discussion of similar projects completed within the last five (5) years.
  • A list of key members of the project team, a brief presentation of their qualifications, related experience and the work tasks for which each of these individuals is responsible.
  • The location of the office where the majority of the work will be performed.
  • A summary of the current workload of your firm and commitment of key team members.
  • A schedule listing employee-billing rates by classification, overhead multiplier for your firm and expected fixed fee or profit multiplier.
  • A list of sub-consultants to be used and the work they will perform, if any.
  • A brief discussion of your firm’s experience utilizing the above-mentioned funding sources.

Prior to awarding and entering into a contract for consulting services the VILLAGE will require the following items to be guaranteed in writing.  The engineer selected must take full responsibility for the following items in order to protect the best interest of the VILLAGE and its rate players PRIOR TO entering into any consulting/engineering contract for the proposed PROJECT.

A guaranteed not to exceed price for engineering, construction, and start up shall be provided to the VILLAGE.  This cost figure should include any and all costs associated with this PROJECT including but not limited to fees, permits, engineering, site supervision, construction, procurement of goods and technical assistance.

It shall be guaranteed that the total project completion including construction, start up, punch list items, and contract close out shall be completed no later than 18 months from the time of the award of contract for engineering services.

Unless owner requested, it shall guaranteed in writing this PROJECT shall have zero change orders including but not limited to engineering and/or construction.

It shall be guaranteed that the effluent water quality will meet or exceed current Ohio EPA regulations.

It shall be guaranteed that the system designed and installed will be dependable and function properly.  To insure only high quality material is procured for the PROJECT the engineer shall guarantee to the VILLAGE they will spend less than $50,000 in maintenance and repair during the first 10 years of operation.  This includes, but is not limited to, the building structure, treatment equipment, controls or any other item that is part of this contract.

All Statement of Qualification requirements must be met or be capable of being met by the responding firm or the submittal will be disqualified as being non-responsive.  An officer of the firm empowered to bind the firm in a contract shall sign the Statement of Qualification.  The VILLAGE also reserves the right to reject, for any reason that seems sufficient, any or all Statements of Qualifications received.  All firms submitting a Statement of Qualifications will receive a written response from the VILLAGE as to which firms are selected for further consideration.

Consultant services for the design of the project may begin after an Engineering Services Agreement for the project has been approved.

Six copies of the Statement of Qualifications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on December 3, 2010.  Late submissions will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to the consultant.  The VILLAGE anticipated selection of the most qualified consultant will be made by December 6, 2010.  Please submit Statement of Qualifications to:

Village of Aberdeen
Attn:  Rhonda Bothman, Fiscal Officer
99 Main Cross Street
P.O. Box 509
Aberdeen, Ohio 45101

All questions regarding this request for statement of qualifications (SOQ) should be addressed to Rhonda Bothman, Fiscal Officer at 937-795-2212.